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Subcontractor Opportunities

On Trac, Inc. exercises care in selecting partners for projects and places a great deal of responsibility with high expectation of quality service. In turn, On Trac, Inc. stands by our partner companies and provides critical support toward successful completion of projects, and successful relationship in general. On Trac is committed to developing and grooming partners through shared training, enhanced expertise, performance measurements, challenging standards, and high industry exposure with the FTTH Council and other telecommunications networks.

In addition, On Trac, Inc. provides administrative oversight and bears the corporate financial overhead for successful FTTH projects. These services, on any given project, may include some or all of the following areas:

  • Local project management and site supervision
  • Local operation centers
  • Front office management (dispatch/data/provisioning)
  • Local operation invoicing/billing services
  • Corporate payment processes and records
  • Local back-office systems (Service Order management)
  • Field level quality control and quality assurances
  • Technician Training and Certifications
  • End user management
  • Materials procurement and warehousing
  • Materials distribution (inventory management)
  • Customer advocacy and intervention (retention)
  • Daily interaction with Service Provider

Further, On Trac, Inc. commits dedicated personnel and resources toward new business development and project refinements to maximize growth opportunities for both On Trac, Inc. and its partners.

Partnering with On Trac, Inc. requires subcontractor to be responsible for paying all taxes and obtaining all permits, business licenses, and authorizations required by Federal, State, and/or municipal governmental authorities in relation to its work. Maintain a successful partnership through financial solvency and creditworthiness, and therefore promote evidence of good business practice and stability. Subcontractor agrees to own and exercise all precautions necessary for accident/injury prevention and are engaged in ongoing safety training, and are properly skilled with regard to safe techniques of the work to be performed and safe operation of related machinery and equipment required in the work to be performed. Subcontractor agrees to secure liability through the following insurances: Workman’s Compensation, General Liability, Auto Liability, Umbrella, and Vehicle Insurance.

Interested subcontractors are encouraged to complete a questionnaire by clicking HERE. Forward the completed questionnaire to inquiry@ontracinc.net

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